Why should you attend a TEDxChange event near you ?


TEDxChange, taking place this Wednesday and hosted by Melinda Gates, will focus on the power of “Positive Disruption” to activate change in the world — the small (or big) disruptions to our everyday lives that force us to look at the world we live in and the problems we face in new and interesting ways.

And while TEDxChange takes over Seattle, people all over the world will be gathering in schools, homes, community centers, and auditoriums to watch TEDxChange live at TEDx livestreaming eventsand you should be one of them.

204 TEDxChange events in 65 countries will be participating, and if you still need a reason to drive, walk, run or ride to one of them, we asked some TEDxChange organizers to finish the sentence: “Why my TEDxChange event will be great…” Here are their answers:

Why my TEDxChange event will be great:

“TEDxYerevanChange, the first TEDxChange event in Armenia, will take place at a retreat center nestled in the picturesque slopes of Mt. Ararat. The center grows much of the food they serve and a garden fresh lunch will be served on a scenic terrace, overlooking Mt. Ararat and its plain.”
—Gohar Khachatryan, TEDxYerevanChange, Armenia. Learn more about this event.

“We will be hosting TEDxGuatavitaChange at a rural school in the central mountains of Colombia, South America. We aim at providing TEDx inspiration to populations that normally don’t have access to this kind of events. Inspiration with a powerful platform, as the one provided by TEDx can generate meaningful transformation of this region.”
—Felipe Spath, TEDxGuatavitaChange, Colombia. Learn more about this event.

“Our event will be a cozy gathering at my home watching the event live and having an open debate after it.”
—Patricia Zougheib, TEDxSKEChange, Lebanon. Learn more about this event.

“Our event is going to be great because our island just went through a sort of uprising. We see this event as an opportunity to expound on exactly what a “Positive Disruption” means to our island.”
—Brent Norris, TEDxHiloChange, Hawaii, US. Learn more about this event.

“Our event will be great because it will be fully centered on Melinda and her speakers. All the attention will go there. And then the audience in the room will take the control, and attendees will be free to discuss what they have just seen with the help of a great moderator, Gonzalo Fanjul. He is a journalist and global health researcher, and author of a very famous blog, 3500 Millones, where he posts every day a disruptive solution against poverty…But most importantly, it will be great because the audience will include 300 committed NGO, foundation, and development experts and citizens who’d love to see a better word and want their voices to be heard.”
—Antonella Broglia, TEDxMadridChange, Spain. Learn more about this event.

There are:

  • 55 events in North America
  • 42 events in Europe
  • 46 events in Asia/Australia/New Zealand
  • 21 events in Central America/Latin America
  • 36 events in the Middle East/Africa

On April 3rd, TEDxChange will begin at 9 am (PDT) at the Gates Foundation Campus in Seattle and will stream live online at TED.com and TEDxChange.org. The program will run for 90 minutes.

Find a TEDxChange livestreaming event near you here.


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